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Unique combinations of certified organic herbs, which act therapeutically and help the body. Greek drinks with excellent properties, wonderful aromas and velvety flavors.

Myrtali Organics - Εύδωρα


Tilia, mint, chamomile, rose, lavender

Relaxing properties, balance and happiness. The Dodona nymph Evdora, nurturer  of god Dionysus, gives you confidence and calm.

Myrtali Organics - Καλλίστη


Luisa, mint, nettle, lemon

Diet and detoxification, charm and beauty. If Aphrodite’s beauty came from a drink, it was definitely Kallisti.

Myrtali Organics - Αδμητη


Honeysuckle, balsam, basil, wild mint

Calming action, harmony of body and soul. The philosophy of simplicity. The original ancient recipe for calm and relaxation.

Myrtali Organics - Δωριδα


Honeysuckle, balsam, calendula, anise

Digestive, soft and discreet. Personalization of the sea for the ancient Greeks, Dorida leads you to sheltered ports.

Myrtali Organics - Ιανθη


Mountain tea, rose hip, mandarin, wild mallow

Strengthening the immune system, toning and wellness. Every drop of water dreams of diving into the colors and aromas of Ianthi.

Myrtali Organics - Αμβροσία


Mountain tea, sage, hemp (Sativa L THC<0.02), bergamot

Antioxidant action, elixir of youth. Three excellent herbs are mixed with bergamot’s aromas and elevate the senses.

Monovarietal herbs

Rich in active substances, without artificial interventions and caffeine, grown in Natura area. Unique quality with the strictest specifications.


Dedicated to the God Zeus by the ancient Greeks, it is connected with longevity, combating against infections and strengthening nervous system.


Ideal beverage for common flu, migraines and nervous tension. Contains mild antistress properties and helps with sleeping disorders.

Mountain tea

A strong, unique flavor with the scent of Greece, providing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. A protective shield against Alzheimer's disease.


A balm for body and soul. A pharmaceutical herb with anti-depressant effects and strong anti-inflammatory properties. It improves sleep quality.


One of its main characteristics is its tonic and stimulating effect. It enhances memory and concentration. Ideal for Mediterranean cuisine.


The plant of the goddess Artemis. Aroma and taste with excellent properties. It is used in the treatment of depression, anxiety, nervous tension.


Thyme is a protective shield for the immune system, with strong bactericidal properties. Ideal for Mediterranean cuisine.


In Greece, every house has a basil plant. Exceptional herb with strong antibacterial properties. Ideal for Mediterranean cuisine.


The number one natural antibiotic with strong antimicrobial properties. Ancient Greeks used it widely in herbal medicine. One of the main elements of Mediterranean cuisine.

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