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The Name

Myrtali Olympiada was a princess of the Molossians of Epirus and was born in 373 BC in the ancient Passarona of Epirus. She was a priestess in the oldest oracle of the Greek land, the Oracle of Dodoni and high priestess of the Kaveri mysteries.

Clever, dynamic and ambitious, she married the King of Macedonia Philip II. From this divine union was born the greatest recruiter of all time, Alexander the Great. The herbs of Myrtali Organics grow in this sacred land of Epirus.

Who We are

Myrtali Organics is a purely Greek company that is active in the cultivation, production and standardization of organic aromatic medicinal plants.

Attention to detail, diligence in all stages of production and continuous research guarantee products of unique quality with the strictest specifications. The microclimate of Epirus, the altitude, the natural drying and the arid cultivation contribute to the uniqueness of our products.

Our crops are located in Natura area.

Myrtali Organics - Προφίλ - Ποιοι Είμαστε
Myrtali Organics - Προφίλ - Στόχοι

Our practice and our goals

For our company the concepts of safety and high quality in food are non-negotiable.

For this reason, our products from the field to the final product meet all the rules of national and international regulations and are under the constant control and guidance of the University of Ioannina in terms of their safety and bioactivity.

We work intensively with the same body and apply practices on new innovative products. Our strategic choice is and will be development with social cohesion and respect for the environment.

Our cultivation includes more than forty herbs and wild fruits of the forest, many of which grow in this mountainous area of ​​Epirus, since ancient times.

Our estates are visitable, as well as the herbal exhibition we created with the treasures of our natural heritage.

Enjoy the aroma and the beauty

Myrtali Organics - Λογότυπο Κάθετο


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